Hello there!  I’m Leah, and I’m glad you’ve dropped by my blog!

Nathan and Leah 2012

My husband Nathan and I are a couple in our mid-20’s.  In January of 2010, when we were just 21 and finishing college, we had the great idea to buy a century-old farmhouse way out in the cornfields of central Illinois.  We had no idea what we were doing!  Three years later, we’re still remodeling it from the inside out, basically creating a brand-new home (up-to-code wiring and plumbing, anyone?), while trying to keep the simple farmhouse feel.

During the day, I teach and perform cello and piano, and Nathan is a computer programmer and the worship leader at our church.  In my free time that is not spent hanging out with my “friends” at Home Depot, I like playing with our puppy Watson, decorating our house (my style=modern farmhouse), reading and having friends over to our house.  I do exercise every day occasionally, but you will absolutely not find “running” on a list of things I enjoy.

I’m the third in a family of seven kids, five girls and two boys.  I like fashion and dressing cute on a newlywed budget.  I would dress in sequins and sparkles from head to toe like a 4-year-old if Nathan wasn’t here to remind me that um, I’m not 4 anymore.

That’s about it!  Welcome to Our Nest Is Best, I hope you keep coming back!


One thought on “About

  1. Thank you for your blog! I’m encouraged by it, and glad that you’re back after not blogging for a while. We heard about you and your family when a friend gave my daughter the Eden Strings video a year-and-a-half ago for her birthday. God bless you guys, and congratulations on your baby boy!

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