Musings on Parenting

We are so lucky to have a park less than half a mile away from our new house.  There are tennis courts, soccer fields, walking paths and a small playground for the little ones.  Hudson and I have walked there from the time he was tiny.  For the first few months, he would scream at the top of his lungs for hours in the evening, and nothing we tried would help.  Sometimes, I would put him in the stroller and we’d walk lap after lap around the park.  He wasn’t any happier, but at least we were out in the fresh air!  Walking was a great stress reliever for me.

Now that he’s bigger, park time is so fun!  He went for his first swing ride recently, and thought it was great.


“How does this thing work, anyway, Mom?”

Hudson’s such a boy already. He spent most of the park time preoccupied with staring at the brackets and chains on the swing.


Nathan and I have been talking about the comments people have made to us lately- mostly telling us how we can finally start enjoying being parents since Hudson’s older and less fussy.  It always takes me by surprise when people express that, because I have honestly loved being Hudson’s mom from the minute he was born!  Why would I want to wait to enjoy my baby until he is older and easier to care for? Sure, he screams in the car, wakes up in the middle of the night, and only drinks bottles of a specific temperature.  We anticipated that parenting would have difficult moments, and it has delivered!  But, since we expected these challenges, we have found it pretty easy to adapt to our new lifestyle.

I try to remind myself when I’m up for the fifteenth time to roll my wailing, stuck-on-his-belly baby to his back, that all this is temporary.  In another week, he probably will be able to remember how to roll from belly to back, even it’s the middle of the night and he’s tired.  Or maybe he’ll decide just to abandon rolling over in his sleep altogether- that would be nice.



Anyway, someday Hudson will be sleeping through the night and I’ll be chasing him around the playground, instead of gently pushing him in the swing for the first time.  When that time comes, I’m glad that I’ll be able to look back and remember this squishy baby stage fondly, both the intense challenges and joys.  Time is flying away- I want to love, not just survive, these baby days.


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