Before and After: Rearranging (Or, Redecorating My House Without Spending A Dime)



Okay, this part of the room didn’t change, but I just love it, so I wanted to post this picture again.


Before: Target cubbies, chair that I didn’t have room for in the living room, and small night stand.


After: I moved our Target cubby shelf that holds socks/undies/tights/swimsuits/tank tops to the wall that used to hold the chair and small table.  It’s a much cleaner look.  The low wall at the bottom of the ceiling angle is empty now, and I like it.


After: Changing out the plain lamp with the white shade for the sparkly lamp with a black shade was a $20 fix, but it made a huge impact.  Even just swapping a white shade for a black shade can make a big difference.



Before: One bathroom wasn’t finished, and the other didn’t have a mirror yet, so I had to blow dry my hair and apply makeup in my bedroom.  I know, I know, it’s not the end of the world.  It was just annoying because I was constantly cleaning makeup residue off the dresser.  Plus, the pink hairdryer doesn’t really do anything for the room.


After: The hamper got moved to the upstairs bath, since it’s finished now.  The small table, lamp and humidifier now have a home under the anniversary pictures, right next to the big dresser.

Okay, moving on to the living room!


Before: I thought I liked this setup until I started looking at the pictures and noticed the decor looked a little heavy on the right side of the room.  So, yesterday, I unloaded the bookshelves, dusted them from top to bottom and started doing a little change.  That was all I planned to do, but, of course, one thing leads to another.


After: Bookshelves separated.  Chair carried down from my bedroom to provide extra seating down here, plus give the TV wall a little something to balance it out.  Now, we just need to hide that cord….


Before: TV Wall


After: TV Wall


After: Couch area


After: Bookshelves separated, and ottoman shoved in the corner to be used as extra seating when necessary.