I’ll Be Happy When I Make You Mine {Our Engagement}


Do you see that ring nestled in the rose?  Do you see roses?  Yes?  Well, I didn’t three years ago when Nathan was attempting to propose.


Nathan and I, along with his two sisters, went ring shopping at the beginning of January ’10.  We had a great time and I tried on all sorts of rings at something like 5 different stores.  Nathan ended up going shopping again a week later with his mom, which is when they found the ring he ended up buying.  From the start he loved the marquee cut, and I wanted a wedding band that wrapped around the engagement ring, since I have short fingers and not a lot of room for two rings to be stacked.

I knew he had the ring for about a month, and I was sure EVERY TIME I saw him for a whole month that THIS was when we were going to get engaged.  Yes, it was a lot of pressure for me to have great clothes, hair and makeup for a whole month when I was sure that THIS had to be the night, and everybody was going to be taking pictures, etc.

Three weeks went by and I was jumpy the whole time.  My friend would check my hand every time we had a class together, and we would wonder what in the world was taking him so long.  Even Valentine’s Day came and went, and we weren’t engaged.  (Actually, he meant to propose on Valentine’s, but he forgot the ring at his apartment when he came home for the weekend!)

So, a week after Valentine’s Day, it was Saturday, and I was on my way home from college for the weekend.  I slept in a little, ran some errands, and got home around lunch time.  I even actually thought, “Ooooh, maybe Nathan will be there when I get home and he will surprise me!”  But when I pulled in the driveway, his car wasn’t there, so I didn’t think anything more about it.


I went in the house with my cello and my bags.  I sat down at the kitchen island and chatted with my parents and little siblings.  My mom was really  adamant that I needed to go put my stuff away because it was right in the doorway, which I thought was weird, but she was just trying to get me to go to my bedroom.  I went back to my bedroom and put it away.  I noticed that there was a laptop sitting on a chest in my room and it was playing Jack Johnson music.  I glanced at it and decided my sister must have borrowed my grandpa’s laptop, because it was the same brand as the one he had.  I left the room and went back to the kitchen to eat lunch.

My parents didn’t seem any different from usual, but I found out that they were really worried about what was going on…did I reject Nathan or something?  You see, the laptop was Nathan’s, it was playing one of our favorite Jack Johnson songs, and I didn’t look at it long enough to see that there was a slideshow of pictures of us together playing.  I totally missed the roses sitting on my bed, and the ring sitting inside.

I got a call from Nathan right about when I was going to eat lunch.  He was acting really weird, and doing everything he could to get me to go back to my room again.  “Surely,” he must have been thinking, “she can’t miss it twice!”  He finally convinced me that I should go play him a song on cello, since he knew my cello was in my room.  I thought this was a very strange request, and I was not at all excited to do it, but he wouldn’t relent.

I went into my room to get my cello, and before I could miss it again, Nathan stepped out of the adjacent bedroom.  I couldn’t figure out what he was doing there until all of the sudden, I noticed the flowers, the music and the laptop slideshow.  I still didn’t see the ring in the flowers- I’m not making this up- Nathan had to pick it up and show me before he got down on one knee and proposed.