A Dining Room Becomes A Music Room: Curtains and Furniture



Removing Wallpaper


Target Cube Organizer

The music studio is complete!  Last week, I moved some basic cube storage (from Target) into the room to hold music and teaching supplies.  I added a few light weight but comfortable leather chairs (found at T.J, Maxx a few years ago) for parents or students to sit on, and a neutral storage ottoman (found on clearance at Target) for additional seating and storage.  I’ve been teaching at home for almost a week now, and I absolutely love it.  Why didn’t I do this sooner?

You can find the gray storage bins here.  The ceiling light is from Home Depot, but not available online.  You can find a similar one here.

Nail Head Trim Cloth Bulletin Board

I love the bulletin board I purchased from FleurDeLizDecor on Etsy.  You can find it here.  I contemplated making my own for all of five seconds, then I remembered that I’m not crafty and have a 4-month-old who screams when he’s in his car seat running errands with me.  So, yes, I broke down and ordered the expensive bulletin board from the comfort of my computer chair.

Petrof Grand Piano, Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

The piano move went smoothly, and it fits nicely in the room.  I was a little worried about the baby grand engulfing the room as it’s only 9.5×14′.

The wall color we chose is called Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.  It’s such a livable neutral.  It has a green cast in all these pictures, which I’m not happy about, because it’s really a true gray-tan. I tried about 17 different shades of gray before settling on this one.  It’s so hard to find a gray without a purple, green or blue tone to it.

West Elm Curtains

I went with the Pinwheel Linen Curtains from West Elm- you can find them here.  I went extra long on the curtains, and hung the rod well above the windows to give a feeling of extra height to the room.  I love the way it looks!

Clear glass lamp and black shade are also Target finds.  I like how a black shade can dress up an ordinary lamp.  The aqua vase is a gift from my paternal Grandma, something she’s had displayed in her house for years and years.  It’s extra meaningful because she was my first and most influential piano teacher.

West Elm Curtains

I’m still looking for some art to add a pop of color to the room, thinking about something like this or this (can they mark it down to 95% off for me?).


This Week’s To-Do’s and a Porch Tour

We’re still working away on our house, and this week, I’m feeling the craziness of keeping up with normal life, as in jobs/coaching/groceries/book work/regular cleaning/church music/meal making, while also continuing to finish up details around our house.  Here’s our to-do list for this week:

-Mow Lawn

-Plant Grass

-Put flowers in pots inside and out

-Install hardware and hanging bar in laundry room

-Clean porch windows inside and out

-Paint both exterior doors, inside and out

-Clean bricks (this is to get the remaining mortar residue off)

-Organize/clean downstairs cabinets (bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and porch)

-Collect, price, hang and label garage sale items

-Clean up pile of remodeling tools in porch


It’s time for some before and after pictures of the porch.  Really, we should stop calling it that now that it’s a totally functional, heated/cooled room in our house.  We could call it the mudroom/music room, but I’m guessing it will always be “the porch”.


When we bought the house, there was hardly anything left to the “enclosed” porch, as you can see.


The porch was obviously an addition, and they just built around the siding and door that had previously been the outside of the house.

When the picture above was taken, the person taking it was standing in the porch, looking in at the kitchen.


After a lot of TLC, our porch is now a functional mudroom.  I don’t know what we’d do without these lockers.  When we come in the house, our reasonably dry shoes go into the drawers, coats and scarves get hung on the hooks, and hats and gloves go in the cabinets at the top.  Also, I would have never thought about this, but there’s three steps separating the porch from the kitchen.  If we ever build a house, I’ll totally copy that idea.  The steps keep dust/dog hair/dirt from blowing into the rest of the house.

Rust Walls,


The porch also doubles as a music room.  I can see myself adding either a big mirror or chalkboard on that wall, some big baskets to hold teaching supplies and shelves above the piano to add some visual interest to the very tall, empty wall.