Pink and Blue Baby Shower

My friend, Ashton, and I got to host a baby shower last Saturday for my sister-in-law and her best-friend-since-kindergarten, Christina.  This baby will be the first grandchild on its mom’s and dad’s side, so there was a lot of excitement at this shower!


Christina and her husband have decided not to find out the gender of their baby, who is due in mid-May.  At first I thought it would be hard to plan a cute shower…all I could think of was yellow ducks!  Then Christina requested that we do a pink and blue theme, and thanks to Pinterest, we were able to do lots of cute things with those colors.


When guests came in, there was a small welcome table.  On the table, we set the clothes pins that Ashton had made.  She glued pink ribbon to some and blue ribbon to others, and guests selected and clipped on a pink or blue clothes pin based on what gender they thought the baby would be.


We also had two papers for guests to fill out, and when they were done, they dropped them into the tall vases we tied ribbon around.  One paper was “Guess Baby’s Stats”, and the guests filled in their guesses on the baby’s gender, name, weight, length, birth date, birth time, hair color, hair texture, and eye color.  Once baby is born, it will be fun to go back and see if anyone was close!  The other paper was called “Wishes for Baby” and will be a great baby-book keepsake.  This was a family and close friends shower, which will make these all the more meaningful.

I’m glad we had these papers to keep guests busy.  There were about 10 guests who arrived quite early, and I have a feeling that things could have felt awkward.  Having something to do, and thus, something to talk about, was a life saver!  When guests at a shower have either something in their hands or something to eat, things are going well!

Pink and Blue Baby Shower

The baby received so many nice gifts!  There were lots of outfits, books, blankets, and other essentials, as well as some bigger items like a Bumbo chair, swing, stroller, and car seat.

Pink and Blue Baby Shower




Baby also received some beautiful hand-made gifts like this quilt, made by its great-aunt.  Christina’s husband is a farmer, which makes the theme of the quilt so special!


Ashton’s daughter was a big helper to Christina with the presents!  She thought this was a party “for Chrissynina’s birthday!”





We played Baby Trivia and Baby Bingo.  You can find the bingo cards here.  I just printed some pink and some blue, printed them off on card stock  at home, and then cut them out.  I’ll post the Baby Trivia game I made tomorrow.


We did a onesie clothes line off the fireplace.  I got some white yarn at Walmart and just used duct tape to hold it onto the bottom of the mantle.  I looked EVERYWHERE for pastel pink and blue onesies- Gap, Carters, Gymboree, Children’s Place, Target – and couldn’t find anything that was plain pastel.  Finally, I looked at Walmart and they had everything I needed- and for just $6.00 per pack of three!


We set up another table against the patio doors at Ashton’s house with sonogram pictures of the baby and favors for the guests.  We filled clear treat bags with carmel corn and popped a label on top that said “Ready to Pop!”.

Pink and Blue Baby Shower






Now, onto the food, the important part!  We served strawberry punch and water to drink.  Food was cake or cupcakes, fruit kabobs (strawberry, pineapple, grape and cantaloupe), home made cream cheese mints (in the shapes of roses and daisies), tomato, basil and mozzarella kabobs on toothpicks drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and mixed nuts.

Pink and Blue Baby Shower

The baby’s great aunt (same one who made the farm quilt) offered to make the cake for the shower.  I was so amazed at what she came up with!



She used shortbread cookies to write “Baby Henry” on the top.





Pink and Blue Baby Shower

I found the cupcake toppers on Amazon- the little mustaches matched the invitations we sent.  (You can find them here.)  The round toppers said “Boy or Girl” and were from the My Little Cupcake store on Amazon.

The cupcakes with frosting decorations were made by John’s (Christina’s husband) cousin, Holly.  She made them to match the invitation and they were so cute!

Strawberry punch, mason jars, pink and blue ribbon, paper straws


Pink and Blue Baby Shower


Ayla talking to Grandma


The three little girls that were there- Ashton’s daughter, my niece Madeline and my sister Evangeline- were super happy to play with these balloons once the party was winding down.

Pink and Blue Baby Shower


Pink and Blue Baby Shower


My little sister Eva is getting so tall!

Pink and Blue Baby Shower

Pretty little Madeline



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