Dining Room Before and After

So, when we bought this house, pretty much everything was terrible.  The dining room was no exception.  I mean, can anyone tell me if there was ever a time when that fan was awesome?  The door-curtain and blinds really just pull the room together….not!




There were four elements to this room that we kept: this corner shelf and the smaller bookshelf, the pecan flooring which is original to the house, and the window size/placement.  Everything else was torn out- plaster and lathe ceiling and walls, wiring, windows, floor/window trim.


We also got rid of the “front” door, which was oddly on the side of the house.


These windows were from about 1910.


Nathan tore out this fireplace and the 2-story exterior chimney that was smack dab in the center of the house-attractive!- one brick at a time.  It took about a week.  We replaced it with a front door, which you’ll see in a living room post.


Oh hey, we think we might like playing house!


This cabinet stayed, but I sanded and varnished the inside of it and installed new hardware.  Our cabinet maker built a new face for it since this one got even more torn up than pictured here when we were tearing out the walls.


Here’s the shelf after a lot of TLC.

What?  You don’t think the Walmart bag of stuff, a flashlight and a random small bowl are good decorations?


And an after photo of the dining room- much better!  After about 6 hours of painting, the corner cabinet is black, and I love it!

The paint color in here, as well as the living room (well, really, the dining/office nook/living room is just one big room) and the kitchen is Benjamin Moore’s Monroe Bisque.


The curtains were a surprise find at Home Depot, and just what I wanted.  I was looking for something dark to contrast with the light walls, but I didn’t want anything that looked heavy or formal.  They are just sheer enough to do the trick!


A post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Watson!  This rug and the one in our living room were our big splurge.  They are totally worth it though since our whole house is either wood floor or tile.  They definitely warm up the space AND make our feet happy.


Oh yeah, this light was my other big splurge.  You can find it here.  All our other lighting came from the hardware store, but I wanted something really unique for here.  If we ever move, I’m totally taking it with me.


My much-craftier-than-me sister made me the moss covered “S” for Christmas, which is awesome.  Does anyone have any suggestions for getting it to stay on the mirror though?  I’ve been using duck tape to secure the ribbon to the back of the mirror, but it slowly inches its way down the mirror until the “S” is actually partially below the mirror, and about once a week, I have to take the mirror off the wall and re-tape the ribbon.  Hmm…didn’t someone once say that insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?


The table was a generous loan from my aunt who moved and didn’t have room for this table in her kitchen anymore.

And…ignore our pile of stuff in the background.  Even though our big projects are finished, we still have lots of small things to do around the house, thus the piles of stuff here and there.

My next project in here is putting a big DIY sign on the wall behind the table, and maybe bringing in a small upholstered chair for the left wall, right above the floor vent.  Next up: before and after of the kitchen.


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