It’s All In The Details

The days are getting longer here, and our lists are getting shorter.  We’ve finished all of our big inside projects, so we’re putting up trim, hanging lights, touching up paint and other little stuff like that.  Our big projects now are all outside ones.  You could call it Project-Make-It-Not-Look-Like-Hillbillys-Live-Here or something like that.  Basically, the yard wasn’t great to start with, and now that we’ve spent a year remodeling, it looks even worse.  Our “yard” and “driveway” are basically mud.  And we have giant, classy piles of dirt everywhere from where we dug the forms for our sidewalks and patio area.  Anyway, here’s a little of what we’ve been working on:

 Installing Ceiling Light

Nathan installed this light the other day.  I almost forgot we needed one here, I had gotten so used to the little rubber-coated wire sticking out of the ceiling.  I salvaged this light from my mom’s house when she was having a new one put up.  So, cost of this little project: FREE!

Installing Ceiling Light

Installing Ceiling Light


And there it is!

 Ignore the mess in the background.  The porch is our official room to do our messy work in.  Wait, who am I kidding?  Our whole house is like this!

Cheap Cabinets from Home Depot, Painted with Martha Stewart's "Cement Gray"

I worked in the laundry room on Saturday to cover up that really awful color purple I had in there.  The color itself wasn’t bad…it could have been cute in a kid’s room, but it really clashed with the color I painted the cabinets.  This wall color is “Misty Moonstone” by Sherwin Williams, but the actual paint is a cheap kind from Lowe’s….much cheaper.


Here you can see the contrast between old- left side, and new- right side.

Left side= much better.

Also, even though it took forever to tape off the ceiling, it was totally worth it.  I am the worst at trimming- I mysteriously develop a hand tremor when I try- and I end up getting frustrated and having Nathan come do it for me.


Here it is with the new color!  Someday I’ll actually put stuff in the cabinets, but for right now, it’s all on the countertop.


I realized after I took this picture that I forgot to brush around the outlet.  Oops.


That little cubby was a PAIN to paint.  Good thing I had my little helper, Isaac, with me on Saturday!  He could actually fit inside that cubby and paint!


He also got a little  bucketload of paint on his head.  We just got the clippers out and cut it, cause there was no way that was coming out anytime soon.



I painted the hallway from the kitchen to the bathroom (open door) and laundry room (closed door) the other morning before I left.  Nathan was working last night on getting all of that trimmed, and he’s almost done!


Nathan hung both of the mirrors and the lights in the bathroom the other night.  And look at that door trim on the left!  It makes me so excited!



A little taste of DIY-real-life remodeling: You have to be an acrobat to get around the bathroom.


The landing now has a light fixture instead of a lonely lightbulb hanging down.


The upstairs bathroom has an outlet instead of a giant, empty metal box in the wall.


And I talked Nathan into taking the boring ceiling light down that used to be in our bedroom, putting it in the laundry room, and putting this light in the bedroom.  Much better!


And it makes waking up in the morning super exciting, because when you turn the light on, it makes ALL OF THAT on the ceiling!


Our bricks steps were finished on Monday!  This was something Nathan helped with, but we actually hired a guy to do most of it, because we don’t really know much about laying bricks, and we’ve had a few other projects going.  And, you can also see from this picture that I wasn’t lying about our yard being a literal mud pit!




2 thoughts on “It’s All In The Details

  1. Looking good Leah and Nathan! Lee…you inspired me to try to sell things on craigslist instead of just giving things away we don’t need that could actually make a few $$ on. Do you have any tips. So far, no nibbles and I don’t think I overpriced our things. Did you have to repost them often so they didn’t get burried? K~

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