Laundry Room Update

When we bought our house, an old porch off the kitchen had been converted to a bathroom and a bedroom.  The decorating style, as you can see was “retro-graffiti”.  The bathroom, pictured below, was so small that I’m pretty sure that if you sat on the toilet (it was disgusting, so I never did), your knees would touch the sink cabinet in front of you.


Notice the vinyl-crackle wall covering.  It goes well with the gold-fleck “marble” countertop.


I’ve looked at my to-do lists and timelines for fixing up the house from back when this picture was taken.  No wonder I look so positive and happy.  I thought we could finish the house in about 6 months.  Ha.


This ceiling really came in handy for all those times when we wanted to play upside-down chess and checkers.



Here’s the closet and window in the bedroom that’s now the laundry room.



This is part of the same bedroom.  It had a weird partial wall that divided the room in half.  Wow, the renters that lived in this house before we bought it really liked to paint the walls.  Just wait until you see the spare bedroom pictures.


Unfortunately the hard drive on our 18-month-old computer crashed in December, so I lost so many of our remodeling pictures.  The picture above is from the kitchen, not the laundry/bathroom, but it gives you an idea of what the room looked like after we tore out all the plaster.

Nathan rewired the rooms, moved a couple walls around, and put in all new plumbing.  After that, we hung drywall and finished it.  I say “we” loosely.  I sanded the drywall.  Nathan did the rest.


Here’s the drywall all hung and mudded.  We were so proud of our beautiful white, gray and clean walls.


 We patched the old plank floors where it needed and screwed down the boards all over the place before laying cement board.


That dark gray stuff is mortar that goes under the cement board to help level-out the floor.  You’ll notice that the ceiling here is much higher than the original checker-board ceiling.  Nathan vaulted the ceiling and took out the big window in the laundry room.


I was going for a lavender-tinted white color and the paint turned out to be baby-nursery lavender.  Really, this picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s really bright.  I’m repainting this today a gray-blue color.


Two Fridays ago, we got these cabinets at Home Depot.  They started out as unfinished wood and then I painted them with a couple coats of “Cement Gray” from Martha Stewart Paints.  I love the color of the cabinets but not so in love with the cement gray/baby lavender combo.  You’ll notice in this picture that the tile is laid and grouted!


The joy of old houses: weird little places like the tiny cubby at the end of the cabinets.  I think it’s going to become our spot for stashing the broom and mop.


Nathan and his cousin Drake worked on installing the laundry room counter top on Saturday night.  It’s black with a tiny grey fleck.  Our bargain hunting got us 7′ of countertop and cabinets for right about $450!


Our joy over our bargain was short lived when we discovered that the counter top fit like this.  If you’ve ever remodeled a house, you know the nightmares you have about mis-measuring for a non-refundable item.  This was a nightmare come true.  Honestly, I measured correctly, but the walls in this old house aren’t square, so we had trouble getting the countertop to sit against that left wall.


Our options were to waste a bunch of money and get a different counter top, or sacrifice our new, beautiful drywall and shove that top in there.  Yep, we went with the second option.

100_1833Look at all that clothes folding space we’re going to have!

After I repaint, we have plumbing to finish for the sink, finish the electrical by installing the outlets, light switch and ceiling light.  Then, it’s installing the door, floor trim and door trim.  Once that’s painted, we have some storage items to hang on the walls, and then we’re done!


One thought on “Laundry Room Update

  1. Leah,
    I may have some of the before pictures from when we cleaned the place up before Nathan bought it. I’ll look for them and email them to you.

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