10 Minute Design Fix for $10 or Less

There may be patches of snow outside and it might only be the beginning of February, but I’m ready for some Spring!  I love to bring little changes into our house for the holidays and  seasons, but as much as I love decorating, it can be overwhelming to our schedule and budget.  Sometimes I feel like a crazy person with all the design choices I have to make since we have this whole-home renovation going on right now.  I ask myself things like, “Am I really going to like this countertop I’m picking out based on 2-minutes of looking at samples at Home Depot 10 years from now?”   As we wrap up our major projects on the house, I decided to start sprucing the place up with quick and inexpensive fixes that make a big impact.  I crave a few choices I don’t have to be okay with until I’m 35.  So, enter my little blog series, “10-Minute Design Fixes for $10 or Less”.

Let’s start with how to add a little “Bam!” to  your bathroom.  Actually, let’s start with a picture of how this bathroom looked when we bought our house.

Nathan's house 043

Pepto-Bismal pink was apparently a favorite with the renters who lived here before us.

Nathan's house 042

You can’t get the full effect here with just a picture.  The smell really set the room off- there were three dead mice in the toilet tank and one in the bathtub.  I should have gotten up-close pictures of the rusty tub and the gold linoleum.

It came a long way by the time we got to the picture below, taken about 11 months ago.  I’ll do a post on the bathroom once we’re completely done with it.


And here’s what it looked like the day we moved in.  Don’t be fooled by the sink and toilet sitting there- they were not hooked up and it took a couple frustrating weeks of us trying to fix our drainage problem on our own, and a few visits by some professional plumbers to get this bathroom functional.  Also notice how the tub regressed to being on its side in this picture. Someone lost I lost the original feet to the tub and the super expensive, modern feet I had to buy apparently don’t fit 100-year-old tubs.  Thanks to a full day of Grandpa Jack’s welding and tinkering, the tub eventually got feet and went upright again.

June 4 032

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out how to “fix” the bathroom.  I really did love the light blue paint and the shower curtain, the white fixtures and the neutral marble flooring.  I just wasn’t convinced that the all blue-white-neutral was doing it for me.

I happened to be at Target on Thursday and found these towels.  I scooped up what they had left (two hand towels and two bath towels) and headed home.  It was just the trick!  I spent about $35.00 for this fix since we needed towels anyway, but really, $7.99 on one hand towel would give you the same pop of springy color in your bathroom.




Time to stop reading my blog.  Head to Target now.


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